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What Happens When You Whip it?

Realize Beauty

I really love whipped cream. I know it is bad for me to eat too much but seriously, who can resist the creamy, light, fluffy goodness that is a bit of whipped cream, scones and jam?  So yummy.  But when it comes to cosmetic creams I’m going to tell you to move away from that whip right now as nothing good will come from it.

Whipped moisturising cream or shea balm might look lovely at first but it is all looks and no substance, well, that’s not entirely true. What you have done is filled that little pot of cream up with air. Air = oxygen, oxygen = oxidation, oxidation = reduced shelf life, rancidity, drying out,  loss of efficacy, crustiness and one big hot mess.

Whipping stuff seems to be more of a thing for home crafters who may well get away with it as whipping air into a…

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